Garden Master Class

We are delighted to host two separate Garden Master Classes which are part of a series of days run by Noel Kingsbury and Annie Guilfoyle in association with Gardens Illustrated Magazine. The day at The Coach House will be on Wednesday 1st May with Annie Guilfoyle  running a Garden Design Workshop. These aim to bring together gardeners and designers with the very best and most innovative people in the gardening world through one day workshops in different parts of the country. The two days at The Coach House will be on:



Tuesday 15th May

Harriet Rycroft
Secrets of Successful Summer Containers



Having spent fourteen years as Head Gardener of Whichford Pottery and been responsible for planning, planting and maintaining pots of every conceivable shape and size, Harriet could not be better qualified to run this workshop on choosing a wide variety of plants to provide interest and colour during the summer and right through into the autumn. The day will include information on a wide variety of plants to buy as well as those to propagate yourselves to ensure pots brimming with foliage and flower.


Tuesday 18th September

Noel Kingsbury
'The Rabbit's Eye View'
.... learning about long term plant performance

Noel 2.jpg

When choosing the best plants for the border, it is always beneficial to have some knowledge of their habit, growing attributes and level of vigour.

Noel Kingsbury is a Garden designer and writer with a special interest in naturalistic planting. Using his knowledge of plant ecology science, he has developed a unique method of studying plants and their long term performance. In this workshop he will encourage us to observe plants at ground level and by considering how plants develop as they mature, demonstrate how we can expect our borders to look in five or ten years time.

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